Monday, 27 February 2017

Information about Private Detective

Detective is an investigator. There are two types of detectives:
  • Any person working as detective and member of law enforcement agency
  • Any private person.
The later may be known as private detective. A Detective is any qualified or unqualified person who solves crimes, including historical crimes, or looks into records. By the word qualified we mean here he must be licensed, and unqualified who is not licensed. The license for being a detective is achieved by passing a written examination, after a person completes the requirements for being a police officer. In many police departments detective is not appointed, they join straight from civilian life without serving as police officers prior to their joining.

Private Detective

Some people say that a detective does an entirely different work and therefore need completely different training, qualifications, qualities and abilities than uniformed police officers. Whereas some say that without previous service as a uniformed patrol officer, a detective cannot have a enough control of standard police procedures and issues and will find it complicated to work with uniformed police officers.

The private detective are those who are not recruited by police departments, they work as private agencies. The Detectives are divided into several squads. Each of these squads is expert in investigation into a particular type of crime or a particular type of undercover operation. The crimes for which detectives are hired include homicide, robbery, organized crime, missing persons, narcotics, vice, criminal intelligence, juvenile crime, fraud, sexual assault, cyber crime, domestic violence etc.

In some countries, the practice of a Detective is not acknowledged in courts and legal processes. Even under these conditions, the practice to hire private detectives is in demand and ruled by a code of conduct. Detective use a variety of techniques such as interrogation of suspects, interviewing of witnesses, through network of informants etc.